Gridspot Safe

At Gridspot, our first priority is the experience for users contributing their idle compute resources.

We have taken several steps to ensure that contributing users have a wonderful experience. We are also committed to continue the search for new ways to delight and protect them, as they are the backbone of all of Gridspot.

Some of the choices we have made in this vein are described below.

Conserving energy

Running a computer processor at full power consumes about the same amount of power as a light bulb.

While this isn't a lot of power, we wanted to find a way to minimize its aggregate impact.

Thus, we decided to only run computations when the outdoor temperature near the user is below a certain level (currently 16 degrees Celcius). When it's that cold outside, we assume that the computer's room is being heated anyway. All of the electricity used to do computations gets turned into heat, according to the laws of physics. So the heat generated by the computations displaces the need for heat generated by a heater, eliminating or minimizing the net elecricity usage.

Network proxying

While we allow Internet traffic from software doing compuations on our platform, it is all proxied seamlessly through a small set of computers operated by Gridspot. This protects our users from any liability related to the traffic, and prevents abuse of our platform.

Giving back

Our users volunteer their idle compute resources because they want to be part of something valuable to the world. We believe that this is a motivator far more powerful than paying people a small amount of money every month.

We also believe that Gridspot works best when the whole network embodies that same spirit. Thus we have decided to donate a significant portion of our computational resources to researchers and non-profit explorers. We also provide our users with summaries of the great work Gridspot is able to do because of their contributions.

Virtual machine isolation

All computations done on Gridspot happen inside a virtual machine that is isolated from the contributing user's host machine. This feature, though the first of its kind to our knowledge, actually provides the best of both worlds for contributing users AND those doing computations on Gridspot.